Monday, August 3, 2009

Sir Harolds House Warming!

My good best friend Harold AKA Elliott Giffis...just moved into a new spot.. His roommates are great..the place is dope...his neighbors are even cooler!

Tons of photos..Almost to sorry!..Here we go..!!

Harold (Elliott)

Hiro (left)..One of Elliotts across the street from me at TRUE

Backyards in SF are almost unheard of... i want one!

Someone made heart shaped cupcakes..and Vicky was excited!

Actually Vicky was excited about anything she could eat

John Frusciante, Guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, came to say Hello.


Nick cooking..hes bed..mmm

I had no idea what they were doing..they just looked depressed..but then......


Pam, Elliotts amazing roommate..and Jerry

Elliott and BRIAN PRITCHARD!!!

Hana came!!!!


Josh from TRUE..Ummm?? HAHA wtf

Flip that BUrnt toast my friend!

Elliott dancing to either Crystal Castles - Crimewave..or Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana

We get naked when we dance!

My friends love to dance!

Chris And Jerry..wasted.

A much needed Roommie pic..Meet Sunny..My Best bud..My Roommate..I love her!

Josh working on some plate art..And Roma (left) saYING something like.."oh no you didnt"

Plate art!

Celebrating Elliotts Birthday with 3 candles? It's not his b day though?

Jerry..fuckin wasted.

Im sorry Jerry! i had to

Shortly after we put Jerry to sleep

Nick setting up and Epic photo.

Mamiya and jerry


Love these girls

We park SExy Mopeds inside the gates.

Jerrys Project

The next morning...Lalo Jazzy and I show up to Elliotts bright and early to look for Lalos keys and drag Elliott out to the Alemany Flea Market

This is how Elliott ansswers the door....

He was side piping. EWWWW

Hi Jazzy!

Cameras Cameras Cameras


My favorite piece

The End

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