Thursday, April 30, 2009


So a while back. My friend Rob introduced Elliott and I to this band Yeasayer. He showed us this video of them playing their song "2080" in some random house on a piano. The creativity and energy in this live performance is amazing.

2080 & tightrope

After seeing this video, Elliott, Lalo and I went to this bar that has a piano. We sat down and tried to play this song and make up our own lyrics. About 5 minutes in, some random ass people joined in to add their own flavor on the piano. It was a night to remember.(elliott was a genius)

My favorite part in this video is the guy who looks like Matt from Matt and Kim, smiling so big and bopping up and down. You will know who im talking about. He is one of the random people in the back.

The band members are Anand Wilder, Chris Keating, Ira Wolf Tuton, and Luke Fasano.

GO BUY All hour Cymbals!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Inheritance

Sorry for being absent for a week or 2! I started a second job and have been deathly ill this last week.


One of my Great Great ggreat great friends, Mr. Ian Hoey, has a sister. Her name is April..and I am in love with her..HEHE jk. Well.. in the past.. i always heard she could sing and that she was amazing, but never really got a chance to hear her. The eye opening...jaw dropping, heart melting moment happened like this.

It was a beautiful night. Friends were gathered at the Hoey residence to celebrate two virgos birthdays(i may have made this part up because i have a bad memory). The lumpia was crisp(only Filipino food a white guy knows), the beer was chilled, and love was in the air. hehe jk again. Anyways.. im over this story telling none sense.

Ian and his band, Chasing Claymores , just got done playing their first show ever which left me speechless because i have never seen Ian play drums before. He's insane my friends.

April goes up next to do a couple songs she has been working on. Well...the cops come and tell everyone to keep it down. Does this stop Apes? NOOO! She did an acoustic set which truly showed her vocal talent. She was amazing...breathtaking...mesmerizing....tantalizing..and beautiful.

Her new band..Love the acoustic..cant wait to hear the whole band.

Myspace : The Inheritance

Band Members : April Hoey (Vocals)

Ian Hoey (Drums)

Josh Foulk (Guitar/Keys/Vocals)

Jamie Vanwagoner (Guitar/Vocals)

Dan Thale (Bass/Keys)

OH and if you ever need a guitarist that shreds and sleds..slaps the bass and kisses face..huh? Don't hesitate to call. I even grew out my hair...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bat and Tim..Wait..sorry..Matt and Kim

So a while back I was introduced to this Sexy Brooklyn based Duo by my good friend Harold aka Pipe Dreams aka Side Pipin aka Elliott Giffis. No matter where we would go, what we would be doing, we would put on some Matt and Kim and instantly start dancing, smiling, and probably running naked through the streets of San Francisco. WHoops...uhhmmm :D.

We first saw them live in San Diego at the Beauty Bar. The crowd was kinda weird....i think they didnt really know how to respond to Matt and Kim live. Matt cracks jokes and Kim just smiles none stop. I think she permanently is stuck that way.

Harold(Elliott), Me, and a few loyal fans were the only ones sporadically guy wanted to crowd surf so bad that he overlooked the scattered crowd, saw me in the front..and dived on me full force. For about 5 minutes i carried this drunk fuck around the room. HAHAHA.


Most of you have probably heard the song Yeah Yeah

And even more of you have probably heard the Flosstradamus remix.

Back in January, 2009, They released their second album called "Grand". Amazing amazing amazing!

Interview talking about GRAND


Bye bye

Monday, April 13, 2009

San Diego..randoms

Current song: Third Eye Blind - Motorcycle drive by

Yes...I love third eye blind..i dont care what anyone says. I grew up in a beach town and they have a beach feeling at times. One of the best live shows ive seen in a while. Stephan Jenkins lyrics are so true and real...right from the soul. This is for my Good buddie Mike Partington. Love you man!

Here are some random photos from my trip to San Diego this last week.

First stop..Willys Workshop! Althea x Me x Alvin... Anime lovers unite!

Had to enjoy the beach while i was there.

Went fishing with Mr Alvin.

Alvins Breakfast.... Food for champs...Shits for days.. :)

He caught the biggest fish in the lake!!

My doggies


Me and Taniya..My old roommie. Love you but that face youre making is weird!

Yano (best buddie) x Amy Anne (secret lover..yanos girlfriend though..SHH)

Sprig x preston (best buddies also!)

I have to end this post with the Tajima night! It was my favorite night!

Alvin got 7 eggs... i think he asked for 3? Someone wants his weenie!! (took this photo from alvin!)

Althea x Laurel x Alvin

WEnt to O' Briens for some drinkie poo's

Alvins impersonation of Willy? HAHA what the heck.

HAHAHA..This is not as gay as it looks..i swear! My thumb went up his butt after the picture!


Current song: Kings of Leon - Use Somebody

This is by far my favorite band. Unique sound...unique voice

Mysterious Beauty

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Father and Son

Current Song: Cat Stevens - Father and Son

Here is a live version of Cat Stevens Father and Son..Great song

I like this guys version too.. Just so you know.. I love looking up covers of my favorite songs because I like seeing random talent out there. Gives me inspiration.

So my Pops came up to San Francisco about 2 weeks ago. For the most part, it was good. For the first time I got to know who my Father really was. I learned a lot about his past which was really overwhelming. The things he accomplished and is still accomplishing to this day are amazing. After hearing all the things he has gone through or done, made me feel this shadow being cast by him. I felt I had a lot to live up too.

The whole time he was up here we just walked everywhere in the city. No cabs, buses, or cars. It was a great experience. All the photos are mainly of his back.. I think subconsciously i took them like this haha.

Started off in Union Square

Went through China town. Somehow he knew all the history of this place. I think he knows everything there is to know about this world


My Pops!! Mr. Rick Scott. We both love coffee and Sweets!

Washington Square park. Will I succeed as he has? The back shots commence!

Headed to Haight St. Apparently he loves Kid Robot?

Followed by golden gate park

Sums up the Scott Family. Always pondering life..taking it in.

Headed near my neck of the woods.

Ended the day with a beer and a good conversation.

All in all it was a good trip. I came to the conclusion that I don't need to follow in his steps and just need to break free and live my life how i see fit. To each their own. Live life my friends!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Midnight Marauders

Current song:

The Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight
^^^Click to watch the video! I love it.^^^

Love the beginning lyrics..

Time is never time at all
You can never ever leave without leaving a piece of youth
And our lives are forever changed
We will never be the same
The more you change the less you feel


So today was a very beautiful day in San Francisco. The sun was out and the air was warm...rare occasion indeed. On days like this, there are only 2 things on my mind. Dolores park and a nice cold beer!

I met up with Sir Elliott, EJ, and friends before heading to the park.

We took a stroll on Haight St. Real gay like

Dolores park. Lalo x Vicki

Lalo x Vicki x Sunny poo (my roommate :D )

After the park Lalo, Sunny and I went on a very fun moped ride along fishermans wharf and embarcadero.


Sunny Bunny



Trying to Tame this Arachnid!

New pet!!!


On our way home we stopped to get some candy...i got overwhelmed..YOU KNOW ME AND SWEETS!!! I CANT RESIST!!

Lalo agrees !

Oh man!!!

And to our luck..In and OUt was right next door. An unhealthy night indeed.

Back home! :)

Ended the night video chatting with this dumb Bitch. Ruined my night