Monday, March 30, 2009

Recap #3 - Randomness with Bumsville and friends

So excited for our destination....!!!?

THE GROCERY STORE!! We wanted to help Tony shop for his new home at Bumsville aka the Bat Cave!

Always smiling :)

Either TK is working out...or about to have some sexy time with Terry and Annabelle in the grocery store. :D

After our little shopping spree we headed back to Bumsville.

Up we go. Spider-Man style

Rooftop adventures!

Biggest bowl of cereal hahaha wow. Someone is going to be pooping later!

Loudest burp known to man.

Tony Showing his freshly shaven legs..Elliott is impressed!


I spy Tonys wee wee!

The night ended at my house with 4 types of alcohol. And elliott getting naked (well he got naked at bumsville,completely sober, but it sounds better if i say we were drunk.

And it starts..Little Hercules.

Recap #2

Recently our lives have been a little sporadic...nomadic you could say. Ups and downs... Excitement and boredom. Met New friends!...Reminisced with old ones.

Life is hard. It is a constant struggle, a mystery. Follow your heart and pursue your dreams. Don't let anything stop you from making your dreams come true.

About 2 weeks ago I was driving back from LA with Harold and was pondering what to do when we got back. So yes, since i was bored I went on myspace....while driving.. I know...its dumb and sad. Anyways, we met this wonderful person at the Curiculum mag 1 year anniversary and decided to meet up! She had the wonderful idea of going to suspension bridge.

Our very first group date. Suspension bridge in San Diego

First friend of the group...Miss Terry Berry (HAHAHAHA damn this brings back memories)

New Friend Michelle!

New friend Annabelle :)


So here is a recap..Old blog to new..

Harold Selector! best friend!

Bruce! (me)

Starting Fresh

Hiiii! So I had a blog on tumblr. Have not updated in a while due to lack of camera and im lazy as shit. But here I go again!