Saturday, August 15, 2009

The best San Diego trip EVER!! Day TWO

Ok ok..So after my first night in San Diego..i woke up super early..only getting about 3 hours of sleep..and drove to some resort in near LA to celebrate my Grandmas 80th birthdaY!!!!

This place was suppperrr nice!! I want to live there!

On the road..super beautiful out

Sis!!! (Katie)

Right on the beach

Catered to your every need

My Uncle Scott and Momma!

Uncle : Tim come visit me in Palm Springs. I have a guest house you can stay in...Bring a hot chick and you can drive my el camino with 400 HP...500 with the nos.


love it!!

Fat German Kid in a speedo..To good to be true.

My mom is so Cute!


So awhile back i did this for someone... Cause im a corny bitch and dont know what else i can possibly do to show this person I like them :-P

Well anyways...when i was going through my photos I found a lil message from my sister... I love how Alike we are.

My sister is so pretty. I love her eyes

But she did not finish so does that mean she doesnt love me?!?!

After I had to head back to San Diego...

To Be Continued.

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  1. German in Speedo? Judge much? He looks great and you judge FAT? RUDE! Be Nice! Thx LoveUGodBless, T and J KABBALAH MATTHEWSHEPARD MADONNALICIOUS